Manage A Cyberpunk Bar In Cloudpunk Spin-off Nivalis

The cyberpunk future might be controlled by corporations and slowly choked to death by pollution, but people still gotta eat. That’s where you come in–you’re hoping to make it big managing a restaurant in Nivalis, slowly climbing the ladder to become the best night spot in a glowing neon city.

Developer Ion Lands announced the game with a trailer during the PC Gaming Show 2022, showing off some of the things you’ll get up to in its futuristic neo-noir city. You’ll start with something small, like a noodle stand, hoping to build your establishment up more and more until it’s a dominant fixture for Nivalis’ locals and tourists alike. And if you don’t feel like working, you can knock off for the day and go fishing instead. Check out the trailer below.

It doesn’t appear to be a sequel, but Nivalis is at least a spin-off of Ion Lands last game, the acclaimed neo-noir story Cloudpunk, in which you played a delivery driver using a flying car to get around and drop off packages. Like in Cloudpunk, Nivalis uses the same voxel art style, although the latter game limits the voxels to the landscape itself–characters are fully in 3D with a more photo-realistic art style.

Like Cloudpunk, it sounds like getting mixed up in the lives of the people of Nivalis will be a big part of the game. Cloudpunk wound up being a fairly robust game in terms of its story, so don’t be surprised if there’s more to what’s going on in Nivalis than just serving drinks and managing inventory. Nivalis is coming to PC through Steam and the Epic Games Store, but we don’t yet have a release date for it.

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