CoD: Warzone Is Getting A New Map In Season 4, And Here’s What It Looks Like

Recently, Activision teased the new “Fortune’s Keep” map coming to Call of Duty: Warzone for Season 4. Thanks to a community effort, the Fortune’s Keep map has been fully uncovered, and now we know what Warzone’s new location will look like.

On June 13, Warzone’s upcoming map was introduced as a 12-piece puzzle, and the pieces were individually revealed throughout the day. A handful of Call of Duty content creators like YouTuber JGOD received a piece of the map puzzle on top of a cake, while others were tweeted from Call of Duty and Raven Software’s accounts.

The fully-revealed Fortune’s Keep map can be seen in Call of Duty’s tweet below.

Thank you to our community for helping reveal Fortune’s Keep, a new #Warzone Resurgence map, where the amount of danger and action is second only to its riches 💰🏆💥
Coming soon 🌴

— Call of Duty (@CallofDuty) June 13, 2022

Fortune’s Keep is described as a fast-paced and close-quarters map, which sounds much like the pacing of Warzone’s current Rebirth Island map. It’s hard to judge from the photos, but if you match up the grid sizes of the two maps, Fortune’s Keep actually looks to be more than double the size of Rebirth Island.

The Fortune’s Keep island features a greener setting than Rebirth Island’s more industrial feel, so it’s quite possible this is meant to match Caldera’s lush island. The map’s main points of interest include locations, such as Camp, Graveyard, Smuggler’s Cove, Lighthouse, and Terraces.

Activision hasn’t confirmed if Fortune’s Keep will replace Rebirth Island or serve as a third map option. However, Season 3 is set to end with a “redacted” event on Rebirth Island. Activision’s mid-season blog post suggests that whatever is planned to close out Season 3 will possibly destroy the prison island, or at the very least could cause a temporary evacuation.

For more on what to expect next season, check out everything we know about Call of Duty: Warzone and Vanguard Season 4. Additionally, Activision revealed Warzone 2.0 releases later this year, following “soon” after the release of Modern Warfare 2. The old Warzone map will still be available to play, but the two versions of the battle royale will have separate progression and inventory tracks.

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