Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Gets A Free Demo Ahead Of Launch

Capcom revealed more about the upcoming Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak expansion at its Capcom Showcase presentation, including a demo coming on June 14 for both Nintendo Switch and Steam.

The new trailer for Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak showed off a handful of new monsters featured in the expansion: Espinas, Gore Magala, Astalos, Daimyo Hermitaur, and Pyre Rakna-Kadaki. Sunbreak also sees the return of the Jungle area, which features a forest area, ruins, and a beachfront.

The demo for Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak launches on June 14 and will feature the new Jungle locale, along with multiple quests players can embark on. After a short tutorial section for new players, there will be four quests of increasing difficulty. The expert quest and advanced quest will feature new monsters, Astalos and Malzeno.

Capcom also revealed that there are multiple free updates planned for Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak post-launch, with the first update coming in August. The first update will feature Lucent Nargacuga, the Forlorn Arena locale, and additional unannounced monsters. The second update will come in the fall, with additional new monsters and subspecies along with powered-up monsters. The third will come in winter with even more monsters and Capcom is planning at least one more update in 2023.

Sunbreak is just around the corner, set to release on June 30. Monster Hunter Rise originally released exclusively on Switch last year but was ported to PC in January in anticipation of Sunbreak’s release.

Rise took some of the modernization steps that made Monster Hunter World such a success and added one notable new one–the Wirebug, which allows for quicker traversal through the world as well as vertical scaling. According to GameSpot’s Monster Hunter Rise review, the Switch version was already a technical marvel, and the improvements made to the PC port make it that much better.

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