Halo Is Coming To Fall Guys This Month

As part of the Xbox Games Showcase Extended event today, Microsoft and developer Mediatonic announced a collaboration that will see Halo characters come to Fall Guys as cosmetic skins.

A trailer shown during the event riffed on Halo 3’s famous “Believe” trailer, albeit with Fall Guys’ cute and whimsical little beans instead of grizzled space marines. That said, it works well. Check it out below. The video showcases what appear to be skins for Master Chief and other Halo characters.

The Halo: Spartan Showdown event in Fall Guys starts June 30 and runs through July 4. This is not long after Fall Guys launches for Xbox (and Switch) on June 21 as a free-to-play title. The game’s existing PlayStation and PC versions will transition to free-to-play that day as well.

Fall Guys is just the latest franchise that Halo is crossing over into, following the announcement that Halo’s Pelican airship is now in Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Xbox Games Showcase Extended also included new updates on Bethesda’s Starfield and it brought a new red-band trailer for the new Texas Chain Saw massacre game.

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