Naraka: Bladepoint’s Upcoming Campaign And New Twin Blades Weapon Detailed

Developer Netease shared a few more details about its upcoming console port of Naraka: Bladepoint during the Xbox Games Showcase Extended. The game’s producer, Ray Kuan, shared details about the upcoming campaign and the new Twin Blades weapon.

Kuan revealed that a campaign mode has been requested by players for a long time and will be released in chapters, with the first one releasing soon. In the campaign you will form teams of three to take on new enemy types and bosses. Kuan said disarming bosses will be much more difficult that disarming players and that the campaign will be entirely different from the PvP modes.

The new Twin Blades weapon will be available when the game launches for Xbox Series X|S June 23 and though similar Twin Blades weapon have appeared in comparable games, Naraka’s will work a little differently. Mainly, you will be able to charge up an attack while moving and maintaining your momentum.

Kuan also shared that Naraka: Bladepoint is also in development for Xbox One, but offered no additional details.

Naraka: Bladepoint is currently available for preorder on Xbox for $20 and releases June 23. A $35 Deluxe edition includes an exclusive skin and 10 Immortal Treasures. There is also a $50 Ultimate edition, which includes additional exclusive skins and a digital artbook and soundtrack. The game will also be available on Game Pass. You can read more about the Xbox and Windows PC verison of Naraka: Bladepoint here.

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