The Last Of Us Remake Looks Very Similar To The Last Of Us Part 2 – Report

Naughty Dog announced a remake of The Last of Us during the Summer Game Fest Live last week, and a new report has detailed many of the changes this small glimpse shows off.

Digital Foundry has lined up many of the shots in the new trailer to the ones they’re recreating in The Last of Us Remastered on PS4, showcasing many of the areas where this remake is improving visual details. The most obvious is in the scene complexity and density, with the PS5 remake showing off areas that, while identical in layout, feature higher levels of geometry and foliage to make them look a lot more detailed that those in the remaster.

Another interesting facet picked up on is character animation, which seems to have been reworked to include more subtle details. Digital Foundry points out instances with Ellie’s eyes that show off a more refined pass on animations as she watches buildings go by, as well as another example where her body language seems a lot more natural during an argument with Joel. Dialogue animation also looks to be a lot smoother and more detailed in the remake, too.

Interestingly, this footage also offered a chance to compare this remake with The Last of Us Part II, which launched at the tail-end of the PS4 era and showcases some of Naughty Dog’s latest technology. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the shot of the Firefly hospital from both Part II and this latest remake almost look identical, along with very similar looking character models shared between both games. It suggests heavily that this remake is using the same techniques found in that of The Last of Us Part II, which Digital Foundry suggests is a smart way for the studio to get experience with PlayStation 5 as it plans for future projects.

The Last of Us Part I launches exclusively on PlayStation 5 on September 2 for $70. A release on PC is planned for a later, unspecified date. Naughty Dog is also working on a standalone game based on The Last of Us’ Factions multiplayer mode.

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