Where To Get Fortnite Grapple Glove – Locations, Stats, And How It Works

Fortnite Season 3 Chapter 3 is off to a good start, bringing plenty of new weapons, refreshed locations, and fun activities. But while there’s obviously already tons to get into, today’s addition of the Grapple Glove should bring back some exciting memories of the web shooters from Season 1–albeit without the Spider-Man tie-in. Here’s where to find the Grapple Glove and how to make the most of it.

Where to find the Grapple Glove and how it works

The Grapple Glove can be found at Grapple Stops all around the island at Grapple Stops. There are 10 such places in total, and when you get to them, you’ll find Grapple Gloves inside special toolboxes. Here’s where you can find all 10 Grapple Glove locations.

All Grapple Glove locations in Fortnite

With the Grapple Glove equipped, you can shoot it at most hard surfaces to begin swinging until you run out of charges. While in the air, you can fire the grapple at new surfaces to maintain your movement. Subsequent swings increase your speed until you’ve used it three times, at which point you’ll have reached maximum swinging speed.

There is a variable cooldown that goes into effect after spending some time back on the ground, either by missing a swing or choosing to end it yourself. When this happens due to a missed connection, you’ll have a very brief period of time to begin swinging again before that cooldown starts, so try to be quick about getting back into the, well, swing of things. Longer swinging periods result in longer cooldowns once you finally touch the ground again.

As a cool extra use for the Grapple Glove, you can also fire it at weapons and items to pull them to you, which can be especially useful when hunkered down or needing something just out of reach in the Storm. Grapple that nearby shield potion to you and get refilled so you can get back into the thick of it!

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