Bloodline: Heroes Of Lithas Is A Card-Based RPG All About Lineage

In Bloodline: Heroes of Lithas, players establish a legacy in a fantasy world where your progeny inherit the abilities that came before them. The player’s goal in the game is to become the leader of the City of Light, the High Guardian, in the world of Lithas. This is done by expanding your influence over various parts of the city with the help of your children and your champions’ children.

Lithas is filled with unique creatures and races all of whom you can influence to be your champions and allies as they marry and grow through the generations. Developer and publisher Goat Games has revealed there will be Dragonborn, Dark Elves, and Lycans, but it seems there will be other races, as well, like your standard human. You can take an exclusive look at Bloodline’s cinematic trailer below.

How gameplay works is currently unclear, but it’s described as a card-based RPG. There will be opportunities to resolve conflicts diplomatically, but you will often have to fight, which is where your collected champions come in. Your most powerful champions can get married to create children that share their parents’ abilities. This is how you will acquire your most powerful champions, as opposed to collecting them from a loot crate.

Bloodline: Heroes of Lithas is published by Chinese publisher Goat Games, which created the successful mobile game War and Magic. Bloodline will be available as a free-to-play mobile title on June 23 for iOS and Android, but you can pre-register for the game here.

This won’t be the only experience this year with gameplay based around abilities being passed between generations. You can read GameSpot’s Rogue Legacy II review by following the link.

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