If You’re Interested In Raspberry Pi And Robotics, This Bundle Will Get You Started

If you have an interest in robotics (either as a career change or hobby), consider checking out this discounted Raspberry Pi and Robotics Bundle, which offers 39 hours of beginner lessons for just $50. Coursework spans topics such as building a security camera to teaching robots to avoid obstacles–and they should all give you a solid foundation to continue your education.

The Ultimate Raspberry Pi and ROS Robotics Developer Super Bundle includes 15 different lessons, but the first one you’ll want to dive into is Raspberry Pi Essentials and Extras. This short course runs for just an hour but gives you a broad understanding of the technology and how to start tinkering with its parts. Later on, you’ll learn how to connect Arduino to Raspberry Pi before checking out an eclectic mix of coursework that covers several areas of interest. Here’s a closer look at all 15 courses that come with this bundle:

Raspberry Pi Essentials and ExtrasLearn ROS2 and Migrate Your ROS ProjectsConnect and Interface Raspberry Pi with ArduinoRaspberry Pi 4 Essentials: Learn More in Less TimeBuild Your Own Dustbin using Raspberry PiInternet of Things with Python and Raspberry PiHands on Zigbee Using Raspberry PiThe Complete Raspberry Pi BootcampMake a Smart Mirror Using Raspberry PiBuild Your Own GPS Tracking System with Raspberry PiObstacle Avoiding Robot with Raspberry PiROS2 for BeginnersIntroduction to Asus Tinker Board 2020Getting Started with NodeMCU (ESP8266) Step by StepBuild a Smart Security Camera for Raspberry Pi

One of the great things about this bundle is the mixture of instructors. Instead of all lessons coming from a single source, you’ll get to hear different perspectives from different experts, with at least eight different instructors providing coursework for the bundle. You’ll also benefit from lifetime access to the content, letting you dive in for a refresher years down the line.

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