The Quarry: Final Girl Achievement And Trophy Guide

Like the horror films that inspired it, one of the possible endings in The Quarry is to have a single female counselor survive the night. Achieving this ending will net you the Final Girl achievement / trophy and one of the game’s many possible endings. This guide will provide you with all of the information necessary to get that singular counselor to the end of the game. You can also check out GameSpot’s guide to get the Last Man Standing achievement/trophy. Spoilers ahead.

The final girl in question is Kaitlyn, played by Brenda Song. In order to get this achievement you will need to keep her alive through the night and make sure every other counselor/playable character dies. It doesn’t really matter if the Hackett family members die or not, although a couple will in order to keep Kaitlyn alive. It’s important to note that the guide below provides you with the info to keep Kaitlyn alive and opportunities to kill everyone else. If you fail some QTEs as other characters or make bad choices they might die earlier, but as long as Kaitlyn lives it’s fine.

Chapter 1

When Abigail and Emma are at the cabins looking for their bags, you will need to choose to break into the cabins. As Abigail, check the left side of the cabin to find a stuffed animal that makes noise. Keep the stuffed animal. This is required for keeping Kaitlyn alive at the end of the game.

Chapter 4

At the start of Chapter 4, Ryan and the others will be around the campfire and hear noises coming from a nearby bush. As Ryan you need to choose Shoot Gun, Insistent, Shoot Gun. As long as you choose to shoot at the bush twice, this will result in Jacob’s death.

Later you will get to play as Emma on the island. After exploring for a bit, you will make your way into the tree house and be presented with the option to either search a bag or open a trapdoor. Open the trapdoor and Emma will be killed immediately.

Chapter 5

After Kaitlyn encounters Bobby in the lodge–the big hunter–you will play as Abigail. You need to make a specific set of choices here to set up for the finale. That set of choices is Confident, Intrigued, Hide, and Hold Breath successfully. This series of choices means that Abigail will forget her bag inside the kitchen, which contains the stuffed animal from Chapter 1.

Also in this chapter, we need to do some prep work to get Dylan killed later. After Dylan gets bit inside the Radio Hut, you need to pick Desperate and Chainsaw. This results in Dylan not getting infected, which allows him to die in Chapter 9.

Chapter 6

Inside the Pool House you will get to explore for a bit. Once you talk to Nick it starts the next cutscene. The first two choices don’t matter, but when you get the opportunity to shoot Nick, don’t shoot Nick. This results in Nick turning into a monster and ripping Abigail’s head off, ending her life.

Chapter 7

No one dies in this chapter, but you need to do some prep work to get some counselors killed later. After a bunch of cutscenes, Laura will get the opportunity to free roam the entire police station. Don’t explore, go straight to bed. If you do explore, do not grab the syringe from the up stairs locker.

After going to sleep, the next day Laura will pretend to be in pain to lure Travis into her cell. During this sequence you need to perform two QTEs to grab his gun and dodge him. After that, choose Demanding and Shoot Travis. This will anger Travis, who will survive this, causing him to kill Laura and Ryan later.

Chapter 8

Ryan and Laura will eventually enter a tunnel with a red light after navigating the caves. Laura will eventually aim her gun at a monster in a cage. Don’t stop her. That monster is Nick and this will kill him.

Chapter 9

Playing as Dylan in the Scrapyard, you will eventually get to operate the big yellow crane. Here you need to choose Warn Kaitlyn and Sound Horn. After that the monster will attack Dylan and there will be a QTE. Fail the QTE, which results in Dylan dying here and Kaitlyn will survive to return to the lodge.

Laura and Ryan will find a monster Chris in the attic of the Hackett house. After approaching him, he breaks free and they all fall through the floor. Ryan will pick up the shotgun and be able to shoot the monster. Shoot the monster. This is necessary to play as Max later and get him killed.

After shooting the monster, Travis will automatically kill Laura if you shoot him in the jail. Travis will attack Ryan, pick Aggressive and then fail the QTE during the struggle. Failing the QTE causes Travis to shoot Ryan in the face. Alternatively, if you pulled out the knife earlier as Ryan and refused infection from Laura, Ryan would bleed out and die here.

Chapter 10

If you killed monster Chris, you start as Max on the island. After exploring a bit, you make your way to the docks and have the choice to either swim across or stay put. Swim Across. Once Max makes it to shore, he will get killed immediately.

Now you will play as Kaitlyn, the only surviving counselor. You need to perform a specific set of tasks here to keep her alive through the end of the game. After approaching the portrait on the second floor walkway the sequence will begin. The sequence goes Run, Beam, Button Smash, Run, Hide. After choosing hide Kaitlyn will enter the Kitchen. Grab the Teddy Bear and throw it into the freezer. The monster will follow it and you shut them in the freezer. Kaitlyn will survive the night and you will get the Final Girl achievement / trophy.

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