The Quarry Tarot Card Locations

The Quarry is the latest narrative horror title from SuperMassive Games, the makers of Until Dawn and The Dark Pictures Anthology. The Quarry takes place on the final night of summer camp, after the campers have gone home and the counselors are left alone. One of the collectibles in the game are the Tarot cards, which can be found throughout the game, if you know where to look. For those of you looking to get the “Decked Out” achievement/trophy for collecting all of the Tarot cards, you will need to do it in a single playthrough without chapter select. If you use Chapter select, every collectible after that point will need to be collected again. For that reason, take it slow and try not rush, or you might accidentally trigger a cutscene and miss a card. There are 22 Tarot cards in total. Spoilers ahead.


The Fool

After Laura and Max crash into the forest, Max will begin working on the car. Laura will want to go exploring and Max will lower her into a forest path. Once you gain control of Laura you will immediately want to head to the left/up. After walking a few steps the camera will switch to be zoomed in on the first Tarot card, The Fool. Press the button prompt on the screen to pick up the card.

Chapter 1


After sending the camper off for the weekend, Jacob will be tasked with heading inside to grab the rest of the bags. After you get rejected at the main door, head around to the left side and enter the lodge through the window. Once inside the room, advance forward into the main hall. Immediately to your right is the kitchen. As soon as you walk into the kitchen, the camera angle will change to show the second Tarot card, Temperance.

Chapter 2

The Hanged Man

After the sequence with Ryan and Dylan inside Chris’ office, you will head to the woods with Nick and Abigail. You will be presented with two different paths to go down, choose Rocky Road. On this path stick to the left side and stay on the path. There will be two forks in the path, but just keep going left whenever that happens. Once you walk far enough along the path, the camera will shift to show the third Tarot card, The Hanged Man.

Chapter 3

The Tower

The next Tarot card is immediately at the start of Chapter 3, but you are going to want to save and quit as soon as the chapter starts. The reason for this is a cutscene will trigger here after a certain amount of time passes and getting the game to give you the chance to grab the Tarot card can be a bit finicky. If the game goes into a cutscene where Abigail starts hearing voices, immediately close the game and try again.

As soon as you gain control of Abigail you are going to want to follow the path on the ground, heading to the left. After walking a bit to the left, the camera will pull out far behind her. Continue walking and take the left path again. The camera will shift once more and as you walk forward the camera will shift to the tree above showing you the fourth Tarot card, The Tower.

The Star

Next up you will get a cutscene with Emma and Jacob at the boathouse. Eventually, Emma sends Jacob to get some towels and you will get to walk around as Jacob. After walking forward a few steps you will get the next Tarot card, The Star.

Chapter 4

The Magician

Partway through Chapter 4 you find yourself as Emma on the island. In the cutscene she will say it’s time to explore the treehouse. Once you gain control of Emma, immediately turn around and walk to the end of the dock. There will be a short cutscene once you make it close to the end of the dock, but once that ends continue walking forward. At the very edge of the dock the camera will pan to reveal the next Tarot card, The Magician.


Once you are done with the sequence as Emma you will get to play as Dylan, heading into the lodge with the rest of the group. Once again, quit out and make a manual save the moment you start the first cutscene as Dylan. The next Tarot card comes during the cutscene as the group enters the Lodge, so you will need to hit the button to collect the card, but will only have a few moments to do it. When the group goes to walk inside, the camera will shift to be inside, pointing at the door they are walking through, which is when you need to grab it. If you snag it, you will get the Strength Tarot card.

Chapter 5

The Devil

After playing as Kaitlyn in the Lodge, you will get to play as Dylan. After Dylan and Ryan walk through the forest and chat, you will get to free roam where the cabins are. There are two Tarot cards in this location. Ryan will go ahead to the Radio Hut. Talking to him will move you to the next scene, so do not talk to Ryan until you get both Tarot cards.

The first Tarot card in this area can be found by heading to the center of the area, where the big tree is. On the backside of the tree there are two picnic tables and a swing. In order to get the game to show you the Tarot card, walk between the tables heading away from the swing. If it doesn’t do it, keep walking between the swing and the tables and eventually you will trigger it, getting presented with The Devil Tarot card.

The Hermit

The second Tarot card in this area is next to the Radio Hut, which Ryan is leading you to. Do not interact with the door or Ryan. Instead, walk to the left side of the hut and head between the hut and radio tower. Walking here will cause the camera to shift and show you The Hermit Tarot card.

Chapter 6


Chapter 6 starts with Jacob wandering through the woods looking for Emma. After a brief cutscene you will get control of Jacob and head up a wooden walkway path. At the end of the wooden walkway, a set of stairs will lead you down to a path, heading both left and right. Do not go right, as doing so will immediately trigger a cutscene and you will not be able to get the Tarot card. Instead, head left and walk as far as you can–which isn’t very far–until the camera switches and you can grab the Justice Tarot card.

The Moon

After a short sequence as Kaitlyn, you will get control of Abigail in the Pool House. From where you start, head down the hall to the right of the sinks. There will be a series of showers on the left hand side–not to be confused with the bathrooms to the left of the sinks. If the rooms have toilets in them, you went the wrong way. Head into the third shower room on the left and walk as far into the room as you can. Eventually the camera will shift and you can nab The Moon Tarot card.

Chapter 7

The World

After the opening scene between Laura and Travis, Travis will return and take Max to interrogation. This will give Laura sometime to move around her cell. Once you can, walk towards the bed and then head back towards the cell door. This will shift the camera underneath the bed and reveal The World Tarot card.

The Chariot

Laura will continue to tell her story to Ryan and Dylan, eventually getting to see Max turn into a werewolf and getting eye slashed. After she fixes herself up, you will get to free roam the police station. From the cell head right and out into the lobby. Walk into the center of the four desks and you will be able to grab The Chariot.

Chapter 8

The Lovers

After Laura and Ryan hash it out in the pool house they begin to make their way to the Hackett house. Outside of the house they fall through some wood into an underground cavern. After getting out of the water you will have control over Laura to explore the cave. Once you have control, head up the metal stairs. Two small cutscenes will play and you will enter the next section of the cave. There will be railings on your left side and a small rock section that pokes out. Head out on the ledge and you will receive The Lovers Tarot card.

Wheel of Fortune

Continue up through the caves. Eventually there will be a short cutscene where Laura questions Ryan’s whole vibe and then she removes a piece of wood to head into a tunnel. As you advance through the tunnel the camera will shift to show the Wheel of Fortune Tarot card. This one isn’t really missable, since you have to walk through this tunnel. If you don’t react quick enough and the camera shifts, just head back to the start of the tunnel and walk back down.

The Empress

After a quick scene with Kaitlyn and the game, we return to Ryan and Laura exploring the Hackett house basement. Here you are controlling Ryan. There is a red light tunnel in this area, do not enter it. That moves you to the next area. First, there are two Tarot cards to collect here. As soon as you gain control of Ryan, immediately turn to the left where there is a side room. Walk in the room and begin heading towards the middle. After a few feet the camera will shift to reveal The Empress Tarot card.

The Emperor

Head back to where you started and walk down the main straight tunnel, where all the barrels are being stored. If you walk down it and the card isn’t revealed, just turn around and head the other direction, it might be based on which way you are walking. While walking down the tunnel, the camera will shift to show The Emperor tarot card.

Chapter 9


After a few brief opening cutscenes, Ryan will get stabbed and head up through the small elevator. Here, you will find yourself in a bedroom you can explore. From where you are, there is a bed to the left of you. Walk forward into the corner and then walk across the room diagonally towards the bed. About halfway across the room, the camera will shift to show the Death Tarot card sitting on top of the cabinet.

The Sun

After doing a hide and hold your breath sequence as Ryan and Laura, you end up in a blue room with stairs as Laura. Head up the stairs and go to the second door on the right. In this room, head towards the windows to see the Tarot card. Do not approach the door until you see the card, this will advance you to the next scene. This one pops up pretty easily, but you don’t want to miss it. Approach the windows and you can grab The Sun Tarot card.

The Judgement

After completing that sequence in the house with Laura and Ryan, you will get control of Dylan in the scrapyard. Move forward until there is a garage on your right. On the table is a green button, press it to open up the next section of the yard. Do not approach the yellow crane in this section. The yellow crane will advance you to the next section. Instead, walk straight through a container, there will be a short cutscene where a light bursts. Continue walking straight and you will run into a container, with stairs on the left side of it. Head to the roof of the container and head to your left. After a few steps, you will be able to grab the Judgement Tarot.

The Hierophant

After completing the scrapyard scene with Dylan and Kaitlyn, you will get to control Abigail in the Lodge basement. Walk forward a few steps and there will be stairs to your right. Approach the stairs and you will be able to grab The Hierophant Tarot card.

Chapter 10

The High Priestess

Depending on choices you made, either the first or second sequence will have you playing Kaitlyn in the Lodge. As soon as you gain control of Kaitlyn, head up the stairs to the right. At the top of the stairs, head left and left again to find another set of stairs. Head up those and at the top of stairs, you need to once again walk left. After a few feet you will be able to grab The High Priestess Tarot card, which is the final card.

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