Today’s Wordle Answer (#363) – June 17, 2022

It’s the end of the week and that means we have one more Wordle guide to do before the weekend comes around. The puzzle on June 17 is by no means difficult, and as long as players use a solid starting word, they should get the answer before their six guesses are up. If you’re struggling or afraid you might not get the answer, then you can read our full guide on the June 17 Wordle below.

It actually took me five guesses to get the answer today. My first three words only yielded three correct letters, with my first two guesses having no correct letters whatsoever. After I got those three, it was a breeze thanks to a lucky fourth guess. If not for an unlucky first two guesses, I think I would have gotten the answer in three-four guesses. However, sometimes the cookie crumbles on the wrong side of the table. If that’s happened to you, or you want to ensure it doesn’t, then read our hints and maybe even the full answer for the June 17 Wordle.

Today’s Wordle Answer – June 17, 2022

Like always, we’ll kick things off with a couple of hints to get your train of thought on the right track. After that, we’ll give out the full answer so you can keep your streak alive.

Hint 1: This word is sometimes preceded by the word “full” or precedes the word “away.” Hint 2: This word has one vowel in the middle of it.

The hints today were basic but were likely effective for a majority of players. If they weren’t for you, don’t worry, as we also have the full answer to the June 17 Wordle right here… “blown.” This word has a few different definitions but as long as you managed to get the “o” in the right spot, the answer should have eventually made its way to you. We’ll be taking a break for the weekend but we’re back right here on Monday.

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