Diablo Immortal “April Fools’ Day” Guy Reviews Game, Not A Huge Fan

Reviews for Diablo Immortal have been live for several weeks now, but finally, Red Shirt Guy has weighed in with his opinion on the new mobile free-to-play game. Also known as the guy who asked Blizzard if Diablo Immortal was an “out-of-season April Fools’ joke” back at BlizzCon 2018, Red Shirt Guy has delivered his opinion on the game.

As spotted by Forbes, Red Shirt Guy first tweeted on June 1 that he didn’t hate the game and had quickly reached level 20 on the first day.

Well I’m level 20 so far. I don’t actually hate it. How gacha the end game is will be interesting to see.

— Dontinquire (@Dontinquire) June 1, 2022

Two weeks later, he tweeted that Diablo Immortal had met his expectations and he had uninstalled it.

Diablo Immortal review – It met my expectations. I uninstalled it.

— Dontinquire (@Dontinquire) June 14, 2022

Other lengthier reviews for Diablo Immortal have touched on the game’s ability to quickly draw players in, but various microtransactions and an endgame that encourages actual financial investment have been heavily criticized.

“It’s a classic Diablo experience, letting you gleefully watch all your stats increase as hordes of monsters melt in front of you,” Alessandro Barbosa wrote in GameSpot’s Diablo Immortal review. “The power trip it enables sits up there with some of the best the series has to offer, which makes the sudden halt in pace jarring and off-putting.”

In other Diablo news, Blizzard is celebrating the 25th anniversary of the franchise with a global tattoo tour, Diablo 4’s Necromancer class has been revealed, and a Diablo 4 beta is also apparently on the way. For more details, check out our Diablo 4 interview with Blizzard which reveals more about endgame activities, customization, and the new Legendary system for creative crafting.

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