Learn The Basics Of Linux With This 5-Course Bundle

Linux offers more freedom than other operating systems, but you’ll need a bit of technical know-how to maximize its potential. If you’re interested in learning about the powerful and sleek operating system, consider taking a closer look at this discounted Linux Essentials Bundle, which offers more than 50 hours of instruction for just $40.

One of the beefiest courses in the Linux Essentials Bundle is titled Fundamentals of Unix and Linux System Administration. This 24-hour course will teach you the basics of running a Linux/Unix system, including scripting, packaging, managing system processes, and more. All told, this course alone has 108 lessons–which should keep you busy for quite some time and get you up to speed before checking out the rest of the catalogue.

Here’s a closer look at everything included in the Linux Essentials Bundle:

Fundamentals of Unix and Linux System AdministrationLearn Docker from ScratchLinux Shell Programming for BeginnersLinux for Absolute BeginnersLearn to Code Like a Pro With vi Editor

While Linux has plenty of other uses, the Steam Deck might be the most compelling reason to pick up this new bundle, as Valve’s new handheld is bringing Linux-based computing to a wider audience. Since the system runs on Linux, experts will find plenty of things to tinker with and customize their experience.

This bundle provides lifetime access to all coursework in its catalogue, letting you work through its material at your own speed. And if you ever need a refresher on one of the topics, you’ll be able to skim through your library whenever you like without having to worry about the content disappearing.

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