Today’s Wordle Answer (#366) – June 20, 2022

We are back with yet another week of Wordle! Today is June 20 and I have a quick question for everyone: Did you also lose your streak to “Cacao” the other day or was that just me? Some of these words that Wordle puts at the end of the week are downright devious. Luckily today’s answer is several notches below that and I’m sure you all can get it.

Have you tried today’s Wordle? By comparison, it’s much more straightforward. I can also confirm that as gamers, you all should definitely be intimately familiar with this word. If you want an advantage against today’s Wordle, your best bet is this list of starting words we’ve put together. Just about any one of those words should get you started on the right foot, so be sure to put it to good use!

Today’s Wordle Answer – June 20, 2022

As always, today’s answer awaits you at the very bottom, but I’ve got a handful of hints for you all to use to get the word on your own.

Hint 1: Most modern televisions have multiple of today’s answer, and you typically switch between them to either play different consoles or watch cable if you still have that.Hint 2: Today’s Wordle answer is part of a few sayings that are pretty common in the fighting games community. One saying is used when a player presses a button and the game more or less “eats” the command and nothing happens. Another is used to describe when you press a button and there’s a significant delay in the corresponding action.

Have you gotten today’s Wordle yet? Don’t fret, I’ve got your answer right here. Today’s Wordle is…input. Televisions and monitors have a million inputs these days to account for all those consoles we’re all picking up all the time. Also if you’ve heard anything about rollback netcode in fighting games, players keep clamoring for that so they can stop experiencing input lag or dropped inputs when they’re playing competitively! It’s very annoying to know you did a thing and then watch it take forever to happen in-game or just not occur at all. That’s all for today’s Wordle but we’ll see you here again tomorrow for another round of hints!

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