Today’s Wordle Answer (#367) – June 21, 2022

What’s up my Wordle sickos, it is June 21 and today’s Wordle is actually one of the starting words I used to use. Had I remembered to use it today, I could’ve gotten it in one. But there’s no need to fret about that because what ultimately matters is that I got the word, and now I’m here to help you all get it too!

Have you tried today’s Wordle? It’s a straightforward word with some familiar vowel combinations, so it shouldn’t trip anyone up too bad. It’s not the most common word that we use to convey what it means anymore, but it also hasn’t completely lost its place in our lexicon, so there’s hope for it yet. If you want the best possible shot at solving today’s answer in as few guesses as possible, why don’t you use the handy list of starting words and tips that we’ve assembled? It’s sure to give you exactly the advantage you might need in the Wordles to come.

Today’s Wordle Answer – June 21, 2022

As always, your answer awaits you at the very bottom and I’ve got a handful of hints here for you to use if you dare to try and get today’s Wordle on your own.

Hint 1: In a lot of online video games, specifically competitive ones, players often taunt each other, either with emotes or mean-spirited messages in chats. Today’s Wordle is a more formal way of saying that they’re engaging in this braggy behavior.Hint 2: Proudly posting online that you got Wordle in two or less guesses would be considered a form of today’s answer, especially to folks who took longer than that.

Did you get today’s Wordle yet? I’ve got you if you haven’t already guessed it. Today’s Wordle is…gloat. So now that I’ve given you the word, you can put it in as your first guess and gloat about having gotten today’s answer in one guess! It’s fine if you do, it feels like it’s in our nature as folks who play video games to gloat. When me and my friends would win in Fortnite for example, we’d often group up and do a synced dance or sea shanty to mark the occasion. It just feels kind of good to celebrate, even if it is rubbing it in others faces. That’s all I’ve got for you today, but be sure to check back tomorrow for a whole new host of Wordle hints!

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