Fortnite Island Hopper Guide: How To Earn The Macaw Darkwings Back Bling And More

Summer is once again upon us, and Epic Games is celebrating with the Fortnite Island Hopper event, letting players earn a new set of tropical-themed rewards.

The Fortnite Island Hopper event will take players on a whirlwind tour of Fortnite Creative’s many offerings via new community-created maps curated by Epic. Completing quests in each of these maps will allow players to gain the new rainbow-themed rewards, including a new back bling, wrap, and glider.

Fortnite Island Hopper guide

First, here’s a list of every reward you can earn during the Fortnite Island Hopper event and how many quests you’ll need to complete for each one:

Raven spray and GG emoticon: Complete one Island Hopper questTropical Infrared wrap and Ravage spray: Complete three Island Hopper QuestsMacaw Darkwings back bling and Tropic’s Beak pickaxe: Complete six Island Hopper quests

The quests you’ll need to complete must be done via six different Fortnite Creative maps, built by members across the community. Below is a list of each map, the corresponding map code, which quests are available in each map, and what minigames you’ll be playing.

Blimp Wars (island code 0245-9239-2638)

Blimp Wars features 12-on-12 deathmatches set on top of the Imagined Order blimps from last season. Vending machines will allow you to gain better guns as you fight, and they also hold the key to completing this map’s questIsland Hopper Quest: Use 8 Vending Machines

Color Dash (island code 0321-8998-8494)

While the main challenge in Color Dash involves driving a Whiplash to a colored square in order to avoid elimination, the map actually holds multiple activities. Playing all of these will be key to completing the quest for the special items.Island Hopper Quest: Unlock four achievements Color Dash’s achievements are as follows: Survive a single color in Color DashWin a round of Color DashSell a fish in the Pro Fishing areaGet one minute of air time in a carEliminate a player in the Box Fights areaOpen an XP air dropComplete the parkour courseSurvive a single color in the Mini Color Switch areaPlay for 10 minutesDance for a minute in the concert area

One Trigger (island code 2668-5883-1928)

One Trigger is a survival mode where players must gather resources and stay alive for 100 in-game days. Surviving for the full time will unleash a boss, who can be defeated for extra XP.Island Hopper Quest: Gather 3000 resources

Parkour Universe (island code 0111-3743-0305)

Parkour Universe features nothing but traversal, tasking players with getting through 12 different worlds with epic parkour moves. Completing each stage unlocks a time trial event in that stage, while each arena also hides a secret token for keen-eyed players to find.Island Hopper Quest: Unlock three achievements Parkour Universe’s achievements are as follows: Complete a stage (12)Complete the time trial for a stage (12)Find the secret token in a stage (12)

Prop Hunt: Modern Mall (island code 1234-1679-1165)

Prop Hunt: Modern Mall is a game of cat-and-mouse set in a massive shopping mall. Hunter players must find the other players across the map using the tools in their loadouts, while the rest of the players must avoid capture by becoming random props and hiding in plain sight.Island Hopper Quest: Eliminate three prop opponents

Ultimate Murder Mystery (island code 0124-5841-7849)

Ultimate Murder Mystery is another hidden player game, only this time players assume one of three roles: Hunter, Sheriff, or Innocent. Hunters must take down Innocents before a Sheriff finds them, while Innocents must avoid elimination and lead the Sheriffs to the bad guys.Island Hopper Quest: Collect 50 coins or get 5 melee eliminations

While this is a summer event, it’s not the summer event for Fortnite; that is expected to be announced later. For more on what’s new now in Fortnite, check out Darth Vader’s descent to the island in the 21.10 patch, as well as the new Naruto skins entering the item shop soon.

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