Hyenas Is A New Multiplayer, Sci-Fi Heist Shooter From The Team Behind Alien Isolation

Creative Assembly, the strategy game giant and creator of Total War, and publisher SEGA have announced a new game: Hyenas. Hyenas is a team-based shooter, tasking players will robbing high-tech vaults on massive space freighters and then escaping the scene of the crime.

In concept, Hyenas is battle royale adjacent, drawing from Apex Legends and Hunt: Showdown. Each match has 15 players, split into 3 teams of 5. Players also have to contend with NPC enemies and security systems. Since the game takes place in space, some areas are in zero gravity. Others have a zero gravity switch, allowing players to get the upper hand on enemies… or get themselves in a whole lot of trouble. The goal is to pick up as much loot as possible, but rather than money or precious metals, the loot is made of pop culture artifacts. A Sonic figurine, a Rubrik’s Cube, and various New York City related memorabilia all make an appearance in Hyenas’ debut trailer.

The game’s look is clearly inspired by other colorful, character based shooters like Valorant or Overwatch. While the exact details of playable characters are not present in the trailer or in promotional material, the trailers shows off a diverse cast. Abilities shown include a grapple hook, a goop-deploying weapon similar to the one in 2017’s Prey, deployable turrets, a flashbang, a jetpack, and more. Eagle-eyed viewers can get a sense of the characteristics of the playable characters, but more details are sure to come.

You can sign up for the upcoming Hyenas’ alpha on the game’s official website. You will need to make a Creative Assembly account and have a Steam account, as well as live in North America or Europe. Future rollouts will increase availability across platforms and regions. Instructions and required PC specs are shown on the Hyenas FAQ page. No release date has been announced.

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