Ultra Beasts Are Joining Pokemon Go For Go Fest

The Pokemon Go team announced that more Ultra Beasts will appear at the Go Fests taking place in Berlin, Seattle, and Sapporo. Those who are looking forward to catching these Pokemon, but can’t make it to the in-person events, will have to wait until they release globally during the Season of Go.

Ultra Beasts, for the unfamiliar, are strange, massive Pokemon originating from Ultra Space. In game, they arrive out of large portals in the sky. One such beast, the jellyfish-esque Nihilego, has already appeared during the ongoing festivities. Additionally, each city will showcase its own exclusive Ultra Beast during Special Research activities: Berlin will host the dainty beetle Pheromosa, Seattle will show off the muscular bee Buzzwole, and Sapporo will present the wire-like electric Pokemon Xurkitree. Fest attendees will also gain access to new Beast Balls, which will allow them to more easily catch the special Pokemon.

Attendance at the fest will also grant more in-game bonuses. In all locations, during all event hours, trainers will benefit from half the hatch distance and aesthetic bonuses like event themed field research, stickers, and confetti. Other bonuses are available during all event hours in Berlin, and during specific timeslots in Seattle and Sapporo. Players will also be able to make extra special trades at lower cost, participate in collection challenges, collect more raid passes, and earn more mysterious components from battles with Team GO Rocket. Cowboy hat Snorlax and Unown A, B, E, L, R, S, T, and U will appear at Go Fest as well.

More details as to when and how these Ultra Beats will release to the full user base are unknown.

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