Apex Legends Leaks Reveal The Game’s Level Cap May Soon Be Increased

For years, Apex Legends players have been begging for the game’s level cap–which currently cuts off at level 500–to be increased. Based on recent tweets by dataminer SomeoneWhoLeaks, Respawn is planning to raise the level cap to 700 in the near future.

Levels 501-700 being added in the near future. Respective legends themed frames are Octane & Lifeline.

— SWL (@SomeoneWhoLeaks) June 21, 2022

SomeoneWhoLeaks discovered badge frames in the game’s files indicating that 200 new levels will likely be accessible to Apex players in the near future. The anonymous leaker, who has previously leaked accurate information on everything from upcoming skins to gameplay changes, posted images of level badge frames for both Lifeline and Octane, but claimed they’d discovered dozens more. The badges evolve as players level up, and the popular Apex Legends dataminer Hypermist has corroborated the leaks, posting more examples of the evolving frames on Twitter.

— HYPERMYST (@HYPERMYSTx) June 21, 2022

For those who have been playing Apex from day one, this is a very exciting development. Initially, the level cap was set at 100, before eventually being raised to 500 in December 2019. Part of the reason Apex players are so passionate about increasing the level cap are the rewards received for leveling up. At each level, players receive Legend Tokens, used to re-roll daily challenges and purchase legend skin recolors in the in-game store. They also periodically receive Apex Packs. But once the level cap is reached, players no longer receive Apex Packs when they gain a level.

This means many users who play Apex on a daily basis have been sitting on thousands–even hundreds of thousands–of Legend Tokens, which aren’t particularly useful due to the fact that they cannot unlock cosmetics, just recolors of cosmetics players already own. There’s also the issue of bragging rights–players naturally want to show off how many times they’ve leveled up, but their level badges are stuck at level 500 despite the fact that they may have actually leveled up hundreds or thousands of time.

But despite the good news, some players are still frustrated with what seems like an oddly small increase. Many had hoped that any changes to the current level cap would raise it to 1,000. Still, veteran players will surely be happy to start unlocking free Apex Packs after over two years of being rewarded with nothing but Legend tokens.

There’s no telling when the cap increase will actually be implemented, but the new frames’ presence in the game’s files indicates the new leveling system will likely appear in-game sooner rather than later.

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