Final Fantasy X Is Coming To War Of The Visions In New Crossover Event

The characters of Final Fantasy X are returning to War of the Visions: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, Square Enix’s free-to-play mobile gacha game. This is the third time FFX characters Tidus, Yuna, and Auron will be available in War of the Visions, with crossover events previously running in 2020 and 2021, and the game will introduce FFX summon Valefor as a vision card for the first time.

The new event is active now, and will run until August 2, giving players plenty of time to collect any of the FFX characters they don’t already have. Tidus will be available to all players for free as a login reward, while Yuna and Auron will be summonable through War of the Visions’ gacha system. All the limited-availability FFX units are classed as UR, or Ultra Rare.

The skills for the new and returning FFX characters can be found below:

Tidus (UR) Unit: Tidus is a mighty Water-type Ultra Rare (UR) unit, whose main job is Abes’ Star Player with sub-jobs of Paladin and Samurai. Through his Blitz Ace Limit Burst, Tidus deals 4-Hits of damage (L) to his target. His skills are Quick Hit and Hastega. Quick Hit deals damage (M) to a single target and lowers the target’s CT (S) while raising his own AGI for 1 turn, while Hastega bestows Haste on allies within the area around himself for 3 turns. Tidus is unique for having Hastega and a high ATK stat, and with his enhanced master ability, he’ll receive a higher Slash Attack Res Piercing Rate, Slash Attack Res, and Missile Attack Res.Yuna (UR) Unit: Yuna is a strong Light-type UR unit, whose main job is the Summoner of Spira and sub-jobs are Green Mage and Kotodama Wielder. Yuna’s Energy Ray Limit Burst deals damage (L) based on the caster’s MAG stat to targets in range & has a guaranteed hit. Her other skills are Reraise and Holy. Reraise bestows a status effect on the target which allows the unit to automatically recover from KO status once per battle (HP recovery (Min), and Holy is a guaranteed hit that deals Light damage (L) to targets based on the caster’s MAG stat and also bestows Reaper Killer on the caster.Auron (UR) Unit: Auron is a powerful Ice-type UR unit, whose main job is Legendary Guardian and sub-jobs are Pugilist and Soldier. His Tornado Limit Burst capabilities raise his own DEF Piercing Rate for 3 turns, then deals Non-Elemental damage (L) to targets within range. His God-Killer skill can destroy any barrier that reduces physical damage on target and can deal damage (M), while his Banishing Blade skill has a guaranteed hit and deals 2-Hits of damage (M) to targets.Valefor vision card: This vision card includes a Light-type esper of UR rarity. Its Evocation Magic, Energy Blast, deals a max amount of Light damage to its target and activates a Map Effect which increases the ATK and MAG of allies, and greatly reduces the Light Res of enemies.

War of the Visions is a free-to-play game with micro-transactions, available on the Google Play Store, App Store, and the Amazon App Store.

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