GTA Online’s Weekly Update Rewards Vehicle And Racing Aficionados

Rockstar Games has released the weekly update in GTA Online, putting an emphasis on the LS Car Meet as well as auto jobs and races. The main highlights from the update include triple the GTA$ on Auto Shop Client Jobs.

During these jobs, players will modify and deliver customer vehicles in a timely manner. Of course, things aren’t always as easy as that, as police and other elements come into play during the course of a job. To start the Auto Shop Client Jobs, players will need to own an Auto Shop and complete the initial setup job for Sessanta and Kenny Dixon Jr. After that, players can partake in the Auto Shop Client Jobs and make triple the GTA$ for completing each mission.

If players don’t feel like completing those specific missions, they can take on a number of others for increased rewards. Robbery Contract Finales and Trevor Contact Missions are paying out double GTA$ and RP until June 29 while players can also earn double rewards by competing in Rockstar Created Stunt Races, also through June 29. To start a Robbery Contract Finale, check the board inside your Auto Shop. The Trevor Contact Missions can be started by visiting Ron at his trailer in Sandy Shores while Stunt Races are found all over Los Santos.

For more experienced players in GTA Online, they can earn double rewards by completing Exotic Exports. Players will need to complete several jobs for Sessanata and Kenny Dixon Jr. before they can be trusted with Exotic Exports. To start the Exotic Exports, players can view the blackboard on their Auto Shop’s mezzanine and see the list of most wanted vehicles. From there, it’s all about picking a vehicle and delivering it.

Finally, players who are members of the LS Car Meet can earn triple the Reputation Points all throughout this week. If you’re not yet a member of the meet, you can speak to Mimi in Cypress Flats to sign up and start participating in races and other events. Every mission, race, and activity found within the LS Car Meet is paying out triple RP through June 29.

The Vapid FMJ Prize Ride vehicle for the week.

Aside from the missions and jobs, players can also claim one of a few vehicles this week. This starts off with the Prize Ride for the week, the Vapid FMJ. To get the car for free, players will need to place top three in Pursuit Races for five consecutive days this week. The Vapid FMJ is classified as a supercar and usually costs $1.75 million. It has a top speed of 125 miles per hour and is based on the real-life Aston Martin Vulcan.

At the Diamond Casino & Resort this week, players can try their hand at the Lucky Wheel and potentially earn the top prize, the Dinka RT 3000. Players get one spin per day and can also earn cosmetics, mystery prizes, and GTA$, among other things. For players who just want to try out some cars, they can visit the LS Car Meet to freely test out the Karin Calico GTF, Anniz ZR350, and the Obey Tailgater S. Finally, players on current-gen consoles can visit Hao’s Special Works to test out the Imponte Arbiter GT for free. There’s also a new Time Trial available for current-gen players.

The last bit of news from this week’s GTA Online update is that the Free Galaxy Superyacht Rebate is still active until July 6. Players that complete all six A Superyacht Life missions will receive a $1 million rebate for a yacht. There are also the discounts for this week, which are viewable below. In addition to those discounts, players can join the LS Car Meet for 50% off this week.

Karin Calico GTF – 40% offDinka Jester RR – 40% offPfister Comet S2 – 40% offAnnis Euros – 40% offEmperor Vectre – 30% offPfister Growler – 30% offAnnis ZR350 – 30% offKarin Futo GTX – 30% offÜbermacht Cypher – 30% off

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