Into The Breach Advanced Edition Introduces New Mechs And A Mobile Port Through Netflix

Four years after Into the Breach’s original release, the game comes to mobile exclusively through the Netflix app. Subset Games took to Twitter to announce the Advanced Edition of Into the Breach. It is a free content update for all existing players and it also heralds a port of the new version to mobile through the Netflix app.

The updates are expansive across every facet of the tactics game, which tasks you with leading time-traveling mech pilots attempting to prevent the end of the world. The Advanced Edition introduces five new mech squads as well as 40 additional weapons. More bosses, a wider variety of enemies, as well as new mission objectives await those squads. Four new pilots and new abilities also add to your arsenal. Outside of tactics, the Advanced Edition offers seven more languages and new music from Ben Prunty. What exactly those new tactical possibilities entail is not stated, though a GIF on the Subset Games website shows off one new squad in action. More details are sure to come.

If you already own Into the Breach, you can wait until July 19 to get the new content. If you purchase the game before or after the update is released, you will also have access. Alternatively, you have a Netflix subscription, you can play the game on your mobile device through the Netflix app on release day.

In the final bit of news, there is also a physical edition of Into the Breach coming to Fangamer. The physical edition is a Switch exclusive and features goodies like a sticker set and game manual.

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