Apex Legends Mobile – Frontline Battalion Phase Heist Guide

Apex Legends Mobile‘s latest in-store event, the Frontline Battalion Phase Heist, is now live. With 18 different unlockable prizes to the game, players have a shot at unlocking one of four different Eternal-tier cosmetic skins.

Eternal cosmetics are the rarest in Apex Mobile, and have unique details like animated skins and highly detailed designs. Frontline Battalion has a total of four Eternal skins–one for Bangalore, one for Caustic, one for the Triple Take, and one for the Hemlock. But obtaining all four skins isn’t as simple as it may seem. Here’s a guide for all the loot included in the new Phase Heist, along with tips to help you get the most bang for your buck.

Getting started

When you open Apex Legends Mobile, you’ll be met with three separate splash screens. Select the “Go!” option on the splash screen advertising Frontline Battalion, and you’ll be taken to the event page. This page can also be accessed by opening the store tab (located on the bottom right side of the lobby screen), which will take you to the store’s “Featured” section. Select “Emporium” from the list of categories on the right side of the store’s UI, where you will find an ad for Frontline Battalion. Select it and you’ll be taken directly to the event’s main page where you can check out the rules and cosmetics included in the new Phase Heist.

Caustic’s Eternal Trench Soldier skin, available to unlock by obtaining a Coordinate Chip

Coordinate Chips

On the main event screen, you will see a list of six prizes. To obtain these prizes, you must open reward boxes, which can be purchased at the bottom of the screen. You may open one box for 30 Syndicate Gold, or purchase six of them at once for 180 Syndicate Gold. But similar to the Glacial Games Arsenal Drop, each reward box costs more than the previous one, so this event can easily get pricey. Here are the prices for each box.

These are the Syndicate Gold prices for each box per round if you buy them individually.

Round #1: 30 SGRound #2: 45 SGRound #3: 90 SGRound #4: 135 SGRound #5: 180 SGRound #6: 225 SGRound #7: 270 SGRound #8: 315 SGRound #9: 360 SGRound #10: 450 SGRound #11: 550 SGRound #12: 650 SG

These are the prices for each round if you purchase boxes in bundles of six:

Round #1: 160 SGRound #2: 270 SGRound #3: 540 SGRound #4: 810 SGRound #5: 1,080 SGRound #6: 1,350 SGRound #7: 1,620 SGRound #8: 1,890 SGRound #9: 2,160 SGRound #10: 2,700 SGRound #11: 3,300 SGRound #12: 3,900 SG

The prizes in the Coordinate Chip pool include:

FluxChallenge Cards (3)Apex PackCoordinate ChipThe Coordinate Chip prize pool

The value of rewards increases between rounds. For instance, in the first round, you may receive 50, 60, and/or 80 Flux (depending on whether you open boxes individually or six at a time). But by the ninth round, those values will have increased to 150, 180, and 240 Flux. At rounds 10 through 12, Challenge Cards and Flux are replaced with 140, 200, and/or 300 Store Vault Tokens for use in the in-game store.

The goal is to obtain a Coordinate Chip each round, which is why opening six boxes per round is a better idea than opening one at a time–six boxes per round ensures you will get a Coordinate Chip every single round. Coordinate Chips allow you to access the event’s Black Gold Vault and receive a randomly-selected Frontline Battalion cosmetic. Opening six boxes at each of the 12 rounds will ensure you get 12 Coordinate Chips and allow you to unlock all 12 cosmetics. Obtaining every Coordinate Chip via the six box bundles will cost you a total of 19,780 Syndicate Gold (roughly $198 USD), but it will also ensure you get all 12 skins in the Black Gold Vault, which is not guaranteed when you purchase boxes individually, as the Coordinate Chip prize pool resets after each round.

If you are purchasing boxes individually, the odds of obtaining a Coordinate Chip in each new round is 1.95%, while all of the other items in the Coordinate Chip pool (Apex Packs, Flux, etc.) each have a 19.61% chance of being unlocked.

The Black Gold Vault

Once you get a Coordinate Chip, you will automatically roll for one of the premium cosmetics in the Black Gold Vault. If you are opening boxes individually, the initial odds of obtaining each kind of cosmetic are as follows:

Eternal legend skin: 0.2% chance for each of the two skinsEternal weapon skin: 0.5% chance for each of the two skinsLegendary skydive emote: 6.1% chance for each of the two emotesLegendary banner frame: 6.2% chance for each of the two framesEpic banner pose: 18.5% chance for each of the two posesLegendary emote: 18.5% chance for each of the two emotes

As for the cosmetics themselves, the Black Gold Vault contains the following 12 cosmetic items:

Eternal Flank Regiment Bangalore skinEternal Trench Soldier Caustic skinEternal Wasteland Watcher Triple Take skinEternal Cutting It Close Hemlock skinLegendary Campfire Bangalore emoteLegendary Take Notes Caustic emoteLegendary Controlled Demolition Bangalore skydive emoteLegendary Chemtrails Caustic skydive emoteLegendary Weapon Check Bangalore banner frameLegendary Corrosive Agent Caustic banner frameEpic Never Forget Bangalore emoteEpic Devious Plan Caustic emoteThe Black Gold vault

If, by the seventh round, you have not yet received an Eternal-tier item, your next item from the Black Gold Vault is guaranteed to be either an Eternal legend skin (25% chance) or an Eternal weapon skin (75% chance).

The Frontline Battalion Phase Heist event will be available until July 12.

Apex Legends Mobile is available for download on iOS and Android.

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