Learn to Make 2D Games In Unity With This $40 Bundle

Unity is one of the most popular game engines on the planet, as its versatility allows you to craft anything your mind can dream up. If you’re curious about the software–or game development in general–consider picking up this Unity 2D Game Developer Bundle, which offers 15 hours of coursework for just $40. By the time you finish the courses, you should have a decent grasp of 2D game development with Unity.

This Unity Bundle is built for newcomers and offers a broad look at how the software works. Along the way, you’ll learn the fundamentals needed to program your own 2D game. Each lesson typically results in the creation of a small game, such as traditional platformers, arcade games, and even Pong. Here’s a closer look at all 11 courses included in the bundle:

Tile-Based Math Game ProjectUnity 2D Projects: Plane in the RiverUnity 2D Projects: Worm AttackUnity 2D Projects: Rogue FrogDevelop a Puzzle Platformer GameUnity 2D Projects: Toads & FirefliesUnity 2D Projects: Super PlumbersUnity 2D Projects: Rocket DefenderUnity 2D Projects: Space AttackersUnity 2D Projects: PongHow to Make Games with GameMaker Studio 2 Using GML

As you’ll notice, the bundle also comes with an introductory course on making games with GameMaker Studio 2 using the GML scripting language. GameMaker Studio 2 is more beginner friendly, but unlike Unity, the software isn’t free. It’s still a neat bonus to get with your purchase, though.

All courses come with lifetime access, letting you tackle lessons at your own pace–or dive in years later for a refresher. Most of the lesson plans were developed by Zenva, a company that designs courses to help everyone jump into the world of coding. After completing the Unity 2D Bundle, you’ll have created nearly 10 different games and have the know-how to piece together your own.


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