Lost Ark Is Getting A Witcher 3 Crossover (In Korea)

A Lost Ark and The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt collaboration is coming to developer Smilegate RPG’s free-to-play MMORPG, and while the announcement was meant for the Korean version of the game, fans are hoping it will eventually make its way to the West as well.

Via PCGamesN, Smilegate RPG recently held an event to detail all the new content and changes coming to the Korean version of Lost Ark, including more details about the game’s latest class, the Aeromancer. As for the Witcher 3 crossover, no other details like a release date or what all the collaboration will entail were given, so it’s hard to know exactly what is in store.

The leading man of CD Projekt Red’s Witcher series, Geralt, has appeared in a number of different video games over the years, serving as a guest fighter in Soul Calibur VI and also appearing in Monster Hunter World. Whether Lost Ark’s Witcher 3 collaboration will come in the form of an in-game event or something else remains to be seen. CD Projekt Red recently confirmed another new entry in the Witcher series is coming and will run on Unreal Engine 5, but it’s unclear if Geralt will be the main character or if the torch will be passed to a new Witcher.

As for the other big Lost Ark announcements as part of its LOA ON event, Smilegate RPG gave a new glimpse at the Aeromancer, which will arrive in the Korean version of Lost Ark on July 6. An advanced class for the specialist role, the Aeromancer wields an umbrella and can control the weather to dish out elemental damage with massive area-of-effect abilities like thunderstorms and wind gusts.

Lost Ark’s publisher in the West, Amazon, has been working with Smilegate RPG to get as much content from the Korean version of the game into the Western version as fast as possible. Monthly updates have continued to add new content to Lost Ark since the game’s Western release in February, with new classes planned to be added every two months until it reaches parity with the Korean release.

Amazon recently announced it would be removing the Yoz’s Jar cosmetic system originally planned for Lost Ark’s June update, citing player concerns over the cosmetics being pay-to-win. The June update will add a new Legion raid, Guardian raid, and single-player dungeon, with a new class, the Arcanist, set to arrive in July. Lost Ark continues to be one of the most-played games on Steam, even as Amazon looks to continue dealing with the game’s large botting problem.

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