Best space games for android

1-Galaxy on Fire 2 HD

Galaxy On Fire 2 HD is an immersive, open-world space game combat exploration game, with over a 150 different ships and upgrades, as well as 3 unique stories. You can mine asteroids, explore 30+ star systems, fight aliens/pirates and upgrade your ship.

2-VEGA Conflict

VEGA Conflict is a free-to-play space game MMO video game wherein players must stake their claim, command their fleets, and conquer the void. Through this, players can come together to take back the galaxy from the VEGA Federation.


Simple Rockets is a realistic space game simulator where you design and create your own rockets to then explore the solar system.

4-Putt the Planets

With this entertaining space game, you can travel to all the planets playing golf at each stop. It contains 3D planetary landscapes, Space Age bossa nova music, and much more!

5-Galactic Phantasy Prelude

Galactic Phantasy Prelude is an Action Space RPG in which you have to drive a spaceship and gather a fleet. Plan your strategy and develop tactics to rule the entire galaxy.

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