Dragon Quest Treasures Coming This December

During its June 2022 Direct, Nintendo announced that Dragon Quest Treasures, a spin-off of the popular JRPG series, is coming to Switch. It releases for the hybrid console on December 9.

As seen in the trailer for the Treasures, the game sees you recruiting monsters to join you on an expansive adventure. The monsters offer a variety of means for getting around the world–you can bounce on a slime to get to hard-to-reach places or glide with Dracky to survive perilous drops.

The titular treasures aren’t the friends you make along the way, however. Instead, you’ll be searching for valuable loot throughout your travels, earning new means of hunting for treasure as you progress through the game. It stars Dragon Quest XI siblings Mia and Erik.

Treasures was first announced earlier this year, but at the time no platforms or release date was shared. One of the few details revealed was that it would see a simultaneous release in the West, which historically has been rare for games in the Dragon Quest series.

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