How To Find All Gas Veins In ARK: Survival Evolved Fjordur

There are dozens and dozens of items to craft in Ark: Survival Evolved Fjordur. Not only did the developers release the new map, but they also released a number of new items, mechanics, dinosaurs, and other features to be included on the map. One new feature that many players have had questions about since Fjordur launched is the gas veins. Gas is an extremely valuable resource in Fjordur, as players will need it to craft a number of useful items and gear. However, collecting the gas isn’t as easy as going to a gas vein and adding it to your inventory. Although, you will first need to know where the gas veins are in Fjordur before you can think about collecting it.

On the current Fjordur map, there’s only one location where players can find gas veins. This location houses several veins, though, so there is some wiggle room in where you actually go to collect the gas. Once players have arrived at a gas vein, they will see Congealed Gas Balls on top of the vein. This is the item that you need to craft all of the items that require gas, such as Hazard gear, gasoline, charge lanterns and batteries, etc. In this guide, we’ll go over where you can find the gas veins in Fjordur as well as explain exactly how to collect the Congealed Gas Balls.

Collecting Congealed Gas Balls

Before you make the trek to find a gas vein, you want to ensure that you have the right equipment to bring the gas back with you. In order to physically add a Congealed Gas Ball to your inventory in Ark, you need to construct a Gas Collector. This item essentially allows you to collect the gas ball and add it to your inventory in real-time.

In order to build a Gas Collector, you will need the following resources:

20 Red Gem or Red Crystalized Sap40 Crystal or Primal Crystal60 Cementing Paste or Achatina Paste75 Metal Ingot or Scrap Metal Ingot

Once you have those resources, go to one of the following crafting stations to actually build the Gas Collector.

SmithyArgentavis SaddleCastoroides SaddlesThorny Dragon SaddleTek Replicator

With the Gas Collector fully constructed, you can place it in your inventory and bring it with you to visit a gas vein. It should be noted that the Gas Collector is considered a structure, so it will take damage by objects or creatures out in the wild. The collector will also lose health slowly over time, so you will eventually need to craft a new one depending on how much gas you collect.

To collect Congealed Gas Balls, you need to place the Gas Collector over a gas vein and let it fill up. You can tell how much of the collector’s inventory is left by looking at the glass side panel and seeing how much of it is filled. In total, the Gas Collector can hold 24 stacks of 100 Congealed Gas Balls and it takes roughly 900 minutes for it to completely fill up. Of course, if you don’t need that many gas balls, then you can just take however much you need and then store the Gas Collector back in your inventory.

Locating Gas Veins

Now for the information you need. There is one rough location where gas veins are located on the Fjordur map. They are only found on the island of Vardiland, which is the southwestern island. More specifically, the veins are located in the Vardiland Valley, which is on the western side of the island but more towards the center, near the lake. The veins are found at coordinates 81-84 – 16-13. You’ll know you’re getting close to a gas vein if you see pink smoke hovering over the ground.

The gas veins aren’t difficult to spot and using a Gas Collector is simple enough. However, you might need to wear protective gear to shield yourself from any gas bursts that arise from the veins. With all of this information, you’re ready to start collecting gas and make a plethora of items in Ark Fjordur.

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