New Switch Game Harvestella Evokes Animal Crossing And Stardew Valley

As part of the June 28 Nintendo Direct, a brand-new Switch game that reminds us of Animal Crossing and Stardew Valley was announced. Harvestella is a new game from Square Enix that takes players to the world of Lethe, a peaceful village that is facing a big threat.

Harvestella is described as a “life-simulation RPG” that lets players “farm, fight, and forge friendships.” Players will farm, craft, and collect items and materials, while they can also interact with townspeople. The game has a season system that takes players through spring, summer, fall, and winter.

One more season follows, and it’s the scariest of the bunch. The fifth season is the season of death, Quietus. During this season, your crops will wither, and in general, life becomes threatened.

In one scene, we see the player trying to open a door during the season of death, and a child’s voice from within responds, “Sorry, mommy said I’m not to open the door.” Players must find a way to stop Quietus and save their peaceful village.

Harvestella launches November 4 for Nintendo Switch.

The June 28 Nintendo Direct also revealed that the Portal Companion Collection is releasing today for Nintendo’s hybrid console and that Persona 5 Royal will come to Switch in October.

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