The Portal Collection Is Launching Today On Nintendo Switch

Announced as part of June 28’s Nintendo Direct Mini, The Portal Companion Collection is coming to Nintendo Switch today. The announcement was one of the show’s final big surprises to wrap things up.

“I wanted to call it the ‘Why Do You Keep Killing Me Collection, but oh well. Let’s get started, you monster,” GLaDOS says in the video.

Portal and Portal 2 were announced for Switch back in February. The Switch version will include local, online, and split-screen cooperative multiplayer. The Portal Companion Collection costs $20 on Switch.

The Portal games are first-person puzzlers known as much for their humor–and quippy AI antagonist GLaDOS–as for their challenging, inventive puzzles. In the first Portal, you play as Chell, a woman who wakes up in the strange Aperture Science portal testing facility and who is run through a series of tests by GLaDOS, which eventually become more and more unnervingly dangerous. The first Portal was relatively compact, coming as a part of Valve’s Orange Box release for Half-Life 2.

Portal 2, on the other hand, expands on everything in the original, making for a much longer and more in-depth experience. It also expands on all the story related to the game, giving you a lot more information about GLaDOS, Aperture Science, and its founder, Cave Johnson.

In other news from today’s Nintendo Direct, Persona 5 Royal is headed to Switch in October, while Return to Monkey Island is coming to Nintendo’s hybrid console as well.

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