Today’s Wordle Answer (#377) – July 1, 2022

Whether you’re an American getting ready to celebrate Independence Day or someone looking forward to the weekend, the end of the work week is always made better by solving Friday’s Wordle. The first day of July brings us an intriguing Wordle that has a few different definitions depending on where you’re from.

Luckily, using a basic starting word, you should be able to nail down at least a few of the letters in the word. After that, it’s about whether or not you think the actual answer is a word Wordle would accept or not. I got lucky and simply started plugging in letters, which led to me typing in the answer. I hit Enter not knowing if the word was even acceptable or not but it turned out it was the word I needed. If you need help for the July 1 Wordle, then look below for some hints and eventually the full answer.

Today’s Wordle Answer – July 1, 2022

First up, some hints to get your brain thinking in the right direction. As mentioned before, this word has a few definitions, so we’ll provide a hint for most of them.

Hint 1: This word is used to describe the Thai form of the Japanese Bento Box. Hint 2: There’s an annual horse show/world championship held in Tulsa, Oklahoma that bears this word. Hint 3: You might find use this word to describe a popular form of bean commonly used in Mexican and southwestern US cooking.

Those hints were certainly all over the place but this word doesn’t have one set definition. If you weren’t able to piece together the different meanings, don’t worry, as we have the full answer right here… “pinto.” Not a typical Wordle answer by any means but that seems to be a growing trend with the game. We’ll be taking a break for the weekend but the Wordle guides will continue on next week.

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