Cuphead – The Delicious Last Course: Every DLC Weapon And Charm Explained

Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course is a beautiful slice of illustrative chaos. Studio MDHR’s take on DLC invites players to Inkwell Isle IV as Cuphead and Mugman are summoned to a far away place to find ingredients for a Wondertart and bring their ghost friend Legendary Chalice back to life. There are new bosses, gauntlets, and tiny minions to rage at, and the new playable character, Ms. Chalice, has six new weapons and charms to assist her through secret puzzle fights, time trials, and S-Rank runs on the way to a full 100% playthrough.

The new weapons (Converge, Crackshot, Twist Up) and charms (Astral Cookie, Broken Rellic, Heart Ring) can be obtained by progressing the main storyline and getting all 16 coins on Inkwell Isle IV. So find a Mausoleum, take a trip to Porkrind’s Emporium, and dive into the DLC with our guide.

For more, here’s How To Start The DLC and How To Get All Coins on Inkwell Isle IV.


Converge makes anteaters a little less terrifying.

Converge is your best friend on Inkwell Isle IV. The new weapon art is a full screen piercing three-way shot that fires three charged electricity bolts and passes through any enemies its hits. Its spread can be narrowed by holding the lock button (R1/RB) and its directional use makes it a necessity for well defended targets and DLC boss fights that constantly chuck smaller minions at you (Glumstone The Giant, The Moonshine Mob). It’s a brilliant add-on for crowd control and creating space, and its own EX Move, the Electro Bolt, fires a much wider horizontal electric beam across the screen that pierces through nearby targets and will convince anyone to live out their Inkwell mecha fantasies.


Even Crackshot won’t save you from gnome memes.

As a home-brewed hybrid of Chaser and Spread, Crackshot fires a rhombus-shaped projectile that will eventually break apart and aim straight for the closest hitbox possible. The pink crystals aren’t deadly accurate but they do deal more base damage in close-quarters and come with the P. Turret super–a pink(er) Saturn-like planet that acts as a turret and can be parried into bosses or used for an edge in movement. It’s not as effective as Converge, but Crackshot’s versatility automatically shines in chaotic fights and brief hot flashes of hyper-precise platforming that almost never feels real.

Twist Up

Mugman and Twist Up are a match made in heaven.

Twist Up is a weapon art for the Mega Man 2 diehards. The unofficial tribute to Air Man is the new Lobber and Roundabout as it fires three mini tornado projectiles in an upwards trajectory and can charge up a Cyclone Spiral that will hit enemies up to six times before spinning off the screen. The super is a bit more reliable than the rapid-fire shot against larger mobs, but timing the weapon’s arch can turn intimidating fights (Graveyard Boss, The Howling Aces) into an afternoon warmup.

Astral Cookie

Ms. Chalice is a menace that won’t be stopped.

The Astral Cookie is an all-in-one charm (of sorts) that’s given by Chef Saltbaker at the beginning of The Delicious Last Course as it allows players to take control of Ms. Chalice in place of Cuphead and Mugman. It adds one extra health pip and grants access to a different moveset as Ms. Chalice has a double jump, a parry dash, and a slightly OP invincible dodge roll–three mechanics that can be used in tandem to get more vertical height and to parry pink objects through traffic. The recipe can make the traditional controls a lot more confusing, but the Astral Cookie is an added bonus for Cuphead completionists and anyone who needs an excuse to 1v1 ol’ Goopy Le Grande one more time.

Broken Relic

Everything at Porkrind’s is going, going, gone.

The Broken Relic is a charm that can be purchased from Porkrind’s Emporium for one coin. It doesn’t have any effects but it can be activated via a series of puzzles, secret boss fights, and cursed artifacts that will make you re-evaluate your Cuphead skills. For more on the DLC secret, check out our guide on “How To Solve The Graveyard Puzzle With The Broken Relic”.

Heart Ring

Heart Rings come with nice things and no strings.

There’s parkour and then there’s equipping the Heart Ring in The Delicious Last Course. The charm is a must for parry nerds and P. Sugar/Whetstone abusers as it restores one HP to the player for their first, third, and sixth successful parries. It sounds simple, but like the Heart and Twin Heart charms, the Heart Ring doesn’t affect damage and is more useful for extensive boss fights and parry-focused challenges like The King’s Champions and The King’s Gauntlet. It can’t be used with Ms. Chalice due to the lack of dual charms, but it can be equipped to finish up a 100% run of Inkwell Isles I to III.

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