Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak – New Monsters Guide

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak adds a whole list of new monsters to the game. However, they’re not all “new” per se. Some of them are subspecies of existing monsters, and others are returning from past games. So, we’ll dive into which monsters in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak are genuinely new and which fans are already familiar with.

What monsters were added in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak?

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak adds 17 creatures to the base roster. That brings the list up to 54 monsters total. However, only 4 of these are entirely original. The other 13 are either subspecies of monsters from the base game or creatures featured in past titles. Additionally, Capcom has also revealed two monsters that are coming in future updates.

Subspecies and Variants

Subspecies act very similarly to their base monsters but are stronger, and their gimmick changes. For the most part, this usually means their attacks switch to a different element. They may also gain new attacks and changes to their movement, but much of their behavior is the same as their base game version.

Aurora Somnacanth

This version of the Somnacanth has access to ice attacks. Instead of putting you to sleep, it’ll generate ice to slip and slide around on and attack with cold breath.

Blood Orange Bishaten

Instead of poison fruit, the Blood Orange Bishaten attacks with explosive pinecones. However, it retains most of the same moves as its goofier cousin.

Furious Rajang

This Rajang stays in its rage form for the entire fight, which means it’s faster and stronger than the regular version. It’ll also use electrical attacks more often.

Magma Almudron

Instead of channeling water, the Magna Almudron uses magma to fuel its attacks. It has a similar moveset to a normal Almudron, but it’s stronger, and its magma is more dangerous than mud.

Pyre Rakna Kadaki

Pyre Rakna Kadaki has all the annoyance of the base species, but now it’s also explosive. It also spawns Pyrantula, which detonate like nasty little bombs.

Scorned Magnamalo

This is just a bigger version of Magnamalo with bigger arms and stronger armor. It’s a tough one, but fighting one isn’t too different from taking on the base species.

Aurora Somnacanth is one of several reimagined monsters. Check the gallery below for more.

Returning from Past Games

Astalos (Monster Hunter Generations)Daimyo Hermitaur (Monster Hunter Frontier 2)Espinas (Monster Hunter Frontier)Gore Magala (Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate)Lucent Nargacuga (Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate) * Note: Will be introduced in a future update.Seething Bazelgeese (Monster Hunter World) * Note: Will be introduced in a future update.Seregios (Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate)Shagaru Magala (Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate)Shogun Ceanataur (Monster Hunter Frontier 2)

Completely New


Gaismagorm is the final boss in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak and will put your skills to the test in a multi-round battle.


This ordinarily peaceful creature becomes increasingly enraged the longer you fight it.


This wolf-like creature mixes things up by taking on two forms during the fight.


Malzeno is a vampiric creature that inflicts a unique status effect which introduces a mechanic reminiscent of Bloodborne.

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