Saints Row Trailer Reveals 8 Different Voice Actors For The Boss Protagonist

Saints Row announced on their official Twitter account that the main character, referred to as The Boss, will feature eight different voices to choose from. Of these eight voices, four of them will be more masculine in tone while the other four are more feminine-sounding. Each voice-over was provided by a different actor, making for a selection of distinct voices.

Boss Voice 5 has a moustache – and Antony Del Rio wants you to know it!
Welcome to The Saints, Boss #BeYourOwnBoss

— Saints Row (@SaintsRow) July 5, 2022

The voices showcased in the new Saints Row trailer include a British female voice and a Western male voice, among others. The trailer also focused on the voice-over provided by Antony Del Rio, known for his work in Metal Gear Solid V, Injustice, and Kid Icarus: Uprising.

Saints Row has been known for its wide variety of customizations in-game, allowing players to create their ideal saint. The franchise has always had a wide range of voices to choose from–usually three males and three females with one unique voice thrown in the mix–and several A-list voice actors, such as Troy Baker and Laura Baile.

The Saints Row reboot was officially announced at Gamescom 2021. It’s been eight years since a mainline Saints Row game following the Saints Row IV release in 2013 and the spin-off Agents of Mayhem released in 2017.

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