Fortnite Might Be Getting Dragon Ball Cosmetics According To Leaks

It looks like Epic Games is gearing up to add another anime crossover to Fortnite, this time featuring Dragon Ball. The popular anime Dragon Ball spans multiple series, movies, and video games, features Goku and his friends fighting a vast cast of powerful enemies.

According to ShiinaBR on Twitter, a well-known and reliable Fortnite leaker, a Dragon Ball logo has been added to the Fortnite’s files. They said that they had heard rumblings of a possible Dragon Ball crossover with Fortnite last year, but that it had been quiet until this update. While they don’t have any additional information on what the crossover might be, it seems likely that Goku and friends might appear in Fortnite as skins. While characters like Goku and Vegeta seem like obvious picks, Dragon Ball has a deep roster of recognizable characters, so there could be some surprises too.

This wouldn’t be the first anime collaboration Fortnite has done, as recently the second wave of Naruto skins appeared in the shop. Considering that the crossover was popular enough to get a second wave of skins and the rumors of Dragon Ball, it seems like there is potential for a ton of anime crossovers in the future.

The Indiana Jones skin and cosmetic items are also now available to all current battle pass owners, which can be unlocked by completing a series of quests.

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