Fortnite: Secret Door In Shuffled Shrines Puzzle Guide

The Fortnite Indiana Jones quests are now live, giving all battle pass owners the chance to unlock the adventurer and his many cosmetics items for themselves across 10 total Indiana Jones Quests. But one challenge demands you find the secret door past the main chamber of Shuffled Shrines, a new POI as of July 6. This is a really tricky puzzle worthy of Indiana Jones, but don’t fret. If you can survive the initial onslaught of players dropping there–or better yet, work together–the solution is within your grasp. Here’s how to find the secret door in Fortnite.

Fortnite Shuffled Shrines secret door location

Getting inside the secret door past the main chamber is a multi-step process, and it’s not one that lends itself to being solved while other players are fighting all around you–these location-specific challenges always make landing spots really hot for the first day or so. When you land at Shuffled Shrines, the new POI east of Rocky Reels, see if you can stock up on a few items and then either hide or fight your way to safety.

Once the dust settles, you’ll find a locked stone door at the center of the location. In front of it are four stones that can be turned, each side revealing a strange symbol. To open the door, you’ll need to turn the stones so that each is displaying the correct symbol on the side facing away from the door. The important thing to note here is that the solution changes in every round.

This was our solution in one round, but it very likely won’t be yours! Read the complete guide to solve this Fortnite puzzle.

But that’s okay, because whatever the solution may be in your particular round, it’s also available nearby. Scattered around Shuffled Shrines are four rocks next to vibrant white lights coming out of the ground. When you’re near one, you’ll hear them making a humming sound. You’ll need to find these four rocks and memorize (or take a picture on your phone) of the symbols on each of them. Find the rocks at the following spots:

Underground in the southwestAt ground level in the northwestBeneath a makeshift red tent in the northeastUnder a platform at ground level in the central-east

On the map below, we’ve marked where these rocks are and numbered them in the order in which you’ll want to memorize them. With these four symbols in mind, head to the central rock door. Turn the rocks at the central door so that the symbols at this location match the symbols you found around the POI. The southwestern symbol is first from the left, the northwestern symbol goes second, the northeastern symbol goes third, and the east-central symbol goes last. With these four rocks set to display the right symbols in the right order, the main chamber will open… but you’re not done yet.

Click to expand. You’ll need to match the rock symbols in this order at the main door.

As you run down the entrance hall, sprint past the debris or carefully step over the floor traps, or else you’ll be hit with arrows the whole way down. If you have less than 200 health, these arrows will kill you, but you can survive them if you let each segment of arrows hit you just once, which you can do by sprinting through the hallway.

Once you’re inside the chamber, you’ll see an artifact–a shiny gold Tomatohead. Pick it up to watch the chamber start to violently shake, but don’t worry, no more booby traps are coming for you. Instead, look to the right of the artifact for some thick green plants and vines on the wall.

To the right of the artifact, you’ll find a hidden passage, and the tremors from removing the artifact will crumble a wall and let you move into the secret room.

Approach it and you’ll see you can actually walk through them into another hallway. Jump through the crack in the wall to your left or smash the now-broken wall (thanks to the tremors) itself to reveal the secret room, which will be complete with two rare chests. Nice work, Indy. Another adventure is complete, and you didn’t even lose your hat this time.

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