Today’s Wordle Answer (#382) – July 6, 2022

Lo and behold, we’re back at it again with another day of Wordle. Today is July 6 and our word today is an interesting one. It nearly got me, forcing me to exhaust just about every possible letter and guess I had in my arsenal to get there. But at last, I finally got there and now I come down the hill with good tidings for you all: You too can get today’s word, even if it may prove a smidge deceptive.

Have you tried today’s Wordle? The answer in question today is a strange word, if only because we all know it but it’s kind of a wonder how often any of us actually use it. What I will say (ahead of the hints obviously) is that the word is cute. Or at least, it’s a word often used in relation to cute things. It’s a word that has often been the root of nicknames that soften the image of certain characters. With that in mind, it’s nearly time for you all to start firing off guesses. Before you do though, why not consult our handy guide of the best starting words to use in Wordle? It’s absolutely filled to the brim with words that are bound to give you a leg up if you’re trying to get the answer in as few guesses as possible.

Today’s Wordle Answer – July 6, 2022

The answer you’re looking for is waiting at the very bottom of this article, so in the meantime, here are some hints I’ve prepared for you all that should tease out what today’s word is. You know, in case you decide you want to take on today’s puzzle on your own.

Hint 1: If a news piece is considered unimportant or cutesy, it may be called today’s Wordle.Hint 2: Similarly, extra details in a game (like a lot of realistic textures in the environment) could be called today’s answer. Sometimes this is referred to as padding, but a softer way to say it would be our word of the day.

Have you gotten today’s Wordle yet? No worries, I’ve always got your back. Today’s Wordle is…fluff. You can perhaps understand now why I thought today’s word was tricky, since it repeats a letter not once, but twice. I think fluff might actually be the first time I’ve seen a letter appear three times in the same word, which is a much confirmation as I need that the words are indeed getting a teensy bit harder over time. But yeah, fluff! People like to complain about fluff pieces but I view them as a very essential part of many news operations and they’re a great palette cleanser when everything else can feel so dire. And fluff in games is always lovely to see, especially since it’s usually some extra flourishes or animations in a given game world that didn’t need to be there, but makes them come to life. In conclusion, today is hereby known as Fluff Appreciation Day, please celebrate accordingly. That’s all for today, but be sure to check back tomorrow for more hints on how to keep your Wordle streak alive.

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