A New Terminator Game Is On The Way

The Nacon Connect presentation ended with one more surprise, a teaser for an upcoming Terminator game. The brief teaser showed a menacing T-800 Terminator skeleton, with the logo for Nacon Studio Milan.

The unnamed Terminator game will be a post-apocalyptic survival game set between the events of Terminator 2 and the formation of John Connor’s resistance movement. The game will feature its own original story that will draw inspiration from events in portrayed in the film franchise.

Nacom Studio Milan previously worked on Rims Racer, and has been teasing a project set in the Terminator universe with post-apocalyptic concept art. The Terminator game is coming to PC and unspecified consoles. As for a release date, it may be a long wait because the description says it’s coming “in the distant future.”

While Terminator has been a massive film franchise, it has had little success in video games. Several movies have been adapted in various ways, and others have ventured outside of specific film tie-ins for more general inspiration from the source material. The latest, Terminator Resistance, received mixed reviews according to GameSpot sister site Metacritic.

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