BlazBlue Sidescroller Spin-Off Reportedly On The Way

Reports have surfaced recently that a mobile roguelike based in the BlazBlue universe called Chaos Effect is being developed by Arc System Works. The trailer released on TapTap, a website devoted to sharing mobile games, shows off gameplay of a fast-paced side-scrolling platformer.

The news comes from an Eventhubs report which suggests Chaos Effect will be within the same universe as BlazBlue. Characters such as Ragna the Bloodedge, Jin Kisaragi, and Hakumen appear in the trailer, but it’s clear that they won’t be the only playable characters in-game. There isn’t any official confirmation yet and the listing states that Chaos Effect is “derivative work authorized by BlazBlue.”

Not much else is currently known about the game other than the listing because it is primarily written in Chinese. It’s unclear if Arc System Works is even working on it. According to the listing, the game has received good feedback from fans, with a 9.3 average user rating. According to the TapTap website, Chaos Effect is coming to iOS and Android, but it is rumored to also be coming to PC.

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