Elden Ring’s Let Me Solo Her Gets A Real Sword From Bandai Namco

Elden Ring’s most famous cooperative player “Let Me Solo Her” was gifted a massive box set from Bandai Namco and From Software, including a sword.

Let Me Solo Her, who goes by @TsuboiKlein on Twitter, posted pictures of the gift box alongside a thank you note to Bandai Namco, The Elden Ring team, and the Soulsborne community. He said that he almost quit his first Souls experience, Dark Souls 3, during the fight with Iudex Gundyr, but that he is glad he persisted “because this community is one of the most passionate and dedicated people I’ve ever seen in a game, and I’m proud to be a part of it.”

Thank you @BandaiNamcoUS and @ELDENRING for giving me this gift and congratulating me for being #LetMeSoloHer . I can still remember my first experience with the soulsborne series and almost quitting because of Iudex Gundyr in Dark souls 3. I’m glad I persisted and (1/3)

— KleinTsuboi (@TsuboiKlein) July 6, 2022

The box itself features a wooden sculpted portrait of Malenia, a massive poster map of Limgrave, a cloak similar to the one Melina wears in the game, a note from Bandai Namco featuring an adorable sketch of Let Me Solo Her’s in-game character, and a sword with the text “Rise, Tarnished” on the blade. TsuboiKlein’s thread concludes with thanking other prominent members of the community such as Vaati, Fighter .PI, IronPineapple, and more.

Let Me Solo Her rose to prominence by fighting Malenia, one of the toughest bosses in Elden Ring. Found deep within the mystical Haligtree, Malenia is an optional boss, but nevertheless acts as final test of skill for players looking to see every corner of Elden Ring’s world. Even experienced players found Malenia to be an especially difficult fight and turned toward cooperative play to defeat her. Let Me Solo Her gained fame as one such cooperative player, whose name encouraged other players to stay back and let him do the work. Armed with nothing but a katana and a pot helmet, Let Me Solo Her would dominate Malenia with almost scientific precision, assisting hundreds players in vanquishing the now-infamous boss.

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