Fortnite Durrrburger Relics: Locations At The Temple And The Ruins

If you’re dropping into Fortnite this season looking to unlock the Indiana Jones skins, you’ll have quite a few quests to complete along the way. One of them requires you to collect two Durrrburger Relics in the same match, and since they’re split across two locations, this can be a little bit challenging when so many folks are landing around you trying to complete their quests, too. Don’t worry, though, as we’ll show you where you can find them, making it a little easier for you to get in and get out as quickly as possible and get one step closer to unlocking both skins for everyone’s favorite archeologist.

Where to find the Durrrburger Relics

The Durrrburger Relics are found to the northeast and southeast of The Daily Bugle. One is at The Temple, while the other is at The Ruins, but don’t forget that you’ll need to collect the relics at both locations in one match to complete the quest. We’ve marked both POIs on the map below.

The relic can spawn at various spots at each POI, so look around for an exclamation point icon on your minimap to nail down their locations.

The Durrrburger Relics will randomly spawn in one of several spots at each location, so walk around until you notice the exclamation point icon show up on your mini-map, showing you the precise location of the item. When you get near to it, you’ll see the relic shining on the ground for you to pick up.

The relic at The Temple tends to spawn inside, often on the bottom level of the structure. Meanwhile, the relic at The Ruins is commonly found outside, most frequently on the eastern side facing the ocean. Again, though, the spawns vary, so a quick jaunt around the POI should reveal the icon to you pretty quickly.

Once you’ve snagged the relic at one POI, navigate as quickly as possible to the other one before you’re forced into any unwanted showdowns with other players. There are Grapple Glove spawn points nearby to help you get around quickly, while a lucky spawn of a Rift-To-Go can make the process even quicker.

While you’re questing to unlock your cool new Indiana Jones skins, make sure you also find the well-hidden Secret Door in Shuffled Shrines.

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