Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak – How To Get Monster Scrap

You’ll need to get scraps if you want to equip your buddies to survive in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak. These items are used to forge Palico and Palamute weapons and armor. However, you don’t obtain them the same way you find materials for hunter armor, and you won’t find them out in the field. Here’s all you need to know about Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak scraps.

How to get Monster Scrap in Monster Hunter Rise

To get Monster Scrap in Monster Hunter Rise, you’ll have to do one of two things:

Craft hunter weapons or armorTrade-in monster materials for scrap

Each time you craft a weapon or armor, you generate scraps. Which ones you get are determined by which type of item you crafted. So, for example, if you produce a piece of Rathalos armor or a weapon using components from that monster, you’ll get one or more Rathalos Scraps.

Palico and Palamute armor and weapons are much less resource-intensive than those made for hunters. A handful of scraps can kit your buddy out in a complete set of gear. However, sometimes you’ll find yourself missing a few pieces. If that’s the case, you can talk to the Buddy Smithy and choose to trade monster materials in for scraps.

The general rule is that the rarer a material is, the more scraps you’ll get for it. Care should be taken when choosing which item to trade in, however. You may not have any use for a material now, but getting rid of a rare item for a few pieces of scrap could result in lots of frustration down the road. We recommend trading only material that generates 1-2 pieces of scrap and keeping rarer stuff like gems.

The Buddy Smithy can be a great lifeline when needing to amass scraps.

List of Monster Scraps in Monster Hunter Rise

There are 60 different types of monster scraps in Monster Hunter Rise. However, each of these has multiple ranks, bringing the total amount to 180. Each of these scraps has a “+” version, which is generated from High-Rank materials. With the release of Sunbreak, a new set was introduced for Master Rank, which sports the prefix “Heavy.”

Here’s a complete list of the types of monster scrap in Monster Hunter Rise:

Aknosom ScrapAlmudron ScrapAnjanath ScrapArchdemon ScrapArzuros ScrapAstalos ScrapBaggi ScrapBarioth ScrapBarroth ScrapBasarios ScrapBazel ScrapBishaten ScrapBnahabra ScrapBone ScrapChameleos ScrapDiablos ScrapEspinas ScrapFur ScrapGore Magala ScrapGoss Harag ScrapGreat Baggi ScrapGreat Jaggi ScrapGreat Wroggi ScrapHermitaur ScrapHumble ScrapIbushi ScrapInsect ScrapIzuchi ScrapJaggi ScrapJyura ScrapKadachi ScrapKhezu ScrapKulu-Ya-Ku ScrapKushala Daora ScrapLagombi ScrapLunagaron ScrapMagnamalo ScrapMizutsune ScrapNargacuga ScrapNarwa ScrapOre ScrapPukei ScrapRajang ScrapRakna ScrapRathalos ScrapRathian ScrapRhenoplos ScrapRoyal Ludroth ScrapSeregios ScrapShagaru Magala ScrapShogun ScrapSlagtoth ScrapSomna ScrapTeostra ScrapTetra ScrapTigrex ScrapValstrax ScrapVolvidon ScrapWroggi ScrapZinogre Scrap

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