Oculus Quest Will No Longer Need Facebook, But Will Require New Meta Account

Starting in August, Quest users will no longer need to use their Facebook account to log in, a move by Meta to continue shifting away from the Facebook brand and in response to user dissatisfaction with the Facebook account requirement. Instead, users will need to create a new Meta account in order to use the VR product.

Mark Zuckerberg announced in a Facebook post, “You won’t need a Facebook account to log into Quest starting next month. We’re rolling out new Meta accounts that you can use with our VR headsets instead.” Later, a separate blogpost on Oculus’ website went up, giving more details on what the change will entail.

In addition to login credentials changing, the Oculus profile will evolve into a new customizable feature called Meta Horizon profiles. Friends will also become followers, in a move made to become similar to Instagram’s existing model. If you’d like to, you can still connect your Facebook account, in addition to your Instagram account, to your Meta account.

If you previously merged your Oculus and Facebook account, there will be an option to decouple the two during the new Meta account setup process. Previously purchased apps will also immediately be available.

Meta’s move away from Facebook isn’t surprising. The company announced in 2021 that it is “moving from being Facebook-first to metaverse-first.” It also took into account people’s feedback. “When we announced that we would start requiring people to log into Meta Quest using a Facebook account, we received a lot of feedback from the Quest community,” Meta said.

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