Pokemon Masters EX Gets Ash And Pikachu Cameos

The most recognizable characters in Pokemon have finally made it to Pokemon Masters EX. Ash and Pikachu–specifically Ash’s Pikachu–are now appearing in the game as part of a special event. But while they’ve showed up in-game, it’s not clear yet whether players will be able to claim them as a playable sync pair.

Ash appears in his anime-inspired look from more recent iterations of the Pokemon cartoon, and he takes part in two separate in-game events. The first is a special rally for sync pairs, in which you can earn tickets to trade for five-star teams. The second is a special event called The Classic Thunderbolt, in which you can train by battling against Ash and Pikachu. As usual, you need to have finished at least the first chapter of the main campaign to take part in special events. The events both last until July 31 at 1:59 AM local time.

While both of the events prominently feature Ash and Pikachu, neither of them state outright that he’ll be available as a new sync pair. Pokemon Masters revolves around sync pairs of famed Pokemon trainers and the Pokemon most associated with them. It would be surprising for Pokemon Masters to introduce Ash and Pikachu without any plans to make them obtainable.

Special Event: The Classic Thunderbolt begins on July 6 at 11:00 p.m. PDT!
You and Tina encounter Ash and Pikachu!
It looks like they were so engrossed in their training that they got lost on Pasio…
What encounters and battles do you think await them?#PokemonMasters

— Pokémon Masters EX (@PokemonMasters) July 5, 2022

Pokemon Masters EX has already featured several other characters from the anime series as sync pairs, including Brock, Misty, Professor Oak, and the Team Rocket pair Jessie and James. It has even introduced Red, the protagonist of the first game who is dressed very similarly to Ash. The game regularly introduces new sync pairs, or occasionally, reintroduces trainers already in the game with new outfits and Pokemon.

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