Crystals Dynamics Confirms Legacy Of Kain Still Exists In 30th Anniversary Celebration

Today marks the 30th anniversary of Crystal Dynamics, which was founded in 1992. On Twitter, Crystal Dynamics celebrated its longevity with a message that highlighted several of its games, such as Tomb Raider. Gex, and the Legacy of Kain series.

“Thank you to all who have enjoyed our games through the years–from the pop-culture escapades of Gex, to the legendary quests of Raziel and Kain, to the globe-trotting adventures of Lara Croft. We are grateful to be on this journey with you and look forward to all our exciting adventures together in the future,” the tweet read.

🎉 Happy 30th, from the team at Crystal Dynamics!

— Crystal Dynamics (@CrystalDynamics) July 8, 2022

While a nod to Kain and Raziel isn’t exactly confirmation of a new game set in the lands of Nosgoth, it is a noteworthy mention of a series that has been lying dormant for many years now. This message also comes after Crystal Dynamics–and several other studios formerly owned by Square Enix–were acquired by Embracer Group.

While nothing has been confirmed yet, Embracer Group didn’t waste any time after the acquisition to announce its plans for the studios it purchased. As Embracer Group mentioned back then, the company sees great potential in producing sequels, remakes, remasters, spinoffs, and transmedia projects based on all of its new IPs.

Again, nothing has been confirmed, but a look at how Embracer Group operates does make a Legacy of Kain revival along the lines of an HD remaster a very distinct possibility. For example, Destroy All Humans got a remake in 2020 that was published by THQ Nordic, one of Embracer Group’s subsidiaries. Additionally, a remake of Destroy All Humans 2 is set to launch on August 30 for PC and console.

Another example of Embracer Group’s strategy is the Darksiders franchise, as both of the original games received enhanced editions under THQ Nordic, a proper sequel in the form of Darksiders 3, and the spin-off Darksiders Genesis. It’s clear that if enhanced editions of a game sell well, which can be produced with reasonably low risk, then the potential to expand on an IP with new titles is possible.

For a game series that had a 50% chance of being brought back at one point, Legacy of Kain’s revival doesn’t seem too far-fetched now. If Embracer Group plays its cards right, a remaster or a remake of the beloved Soul Reaver with all of its cut content restored could be a best-seller that helps resurrect an occult classic.

With Legacy of Kain and Gex, Embracer Group has access to multiple titles that are still well-regarded and have passionate fanbases.

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