MapleStory M Gets New Black Heaven Story And Boss

The mobile MMORPG spin-off based on the original MapleStory, MapleStory M, is getting a July update that includes new story content, a new endgame boss, and a new fifth job skill. The update is now live after July 6’s maintenance period.

The new story update is titled Black Heaven and is split into six acts, 45 episodes. Players over character level 140 can enter Black Heaven through the Dungeons menu. Black Heaven’s story revolves around evil villain Gelimar and undertaking various missions to stop him. Clearing episodes will reward players with EXP, and for initial clears, special rewards.

Character level 200 is required for the new endgame boss, Lotus, who will become available once one of the players’ characters clears all of the Black Heaven episodes.

The new fifth job skill can also only be unlocked by players with character level 200 and who have completed the V Matrix. Each job will get a unique skill and so will each class group. To check out what these are, head on over to Nexon’s Maple M patch notes.

Later in the summer, MapleStory M will get another set of updates. A new playable job and fourth anniversary celebrations are right around the corner.

MapleStory M was launched in 2018 by Nexus, the same company that made the original side-scrolling MapleStory.

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