Pokemon Go’s In-Person July Community Day Takes Place On July 17

Pokemon Go’s in-person July community day will take place on Sunday, July 17 from 11 AM to 2 PM local time. In-person meetups will pop up in major cities across the world, including NYC, LA, and Houston in the US. To check if there’s an in-person meetup near you, head over to Niantic’s interactive map.

During in-person meetings, trainers can raid and trade Pokemon–including the featured community day Pokemon, Starly. Players can also activate bonuses by raiding together. If enough trainers catch Pokemon at a single lure module, then trainers will earn 4x catch xp near the module for 30 minutes. Trades will also require 50% less stardust.

If going to an in-person meetup is not an option, there’s still plenty of community day activities to do. Event bonuses include 3x catch xp, 2x candy for catching Pokemon, longer lure modules, and more.

After community day ends, unique four-star raid battles will appear. If you win, Starly will appear around the gym where the battle took place for around 30 minutes. If you’re very lucky, a shiny Starly could also show up.

Niantic stated it has worked with local health authorities to make sure the in-person event is in line with COVID-19 guidelines, but events could be subject to change. Keep an eye on Pokemon Go’s social media for any possible changes.

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