Battlefield 3 Reality Mod Release Date Trailer Shows Off v0.1 Features

The ambitious Battlefield 3 mod, Reality Mod, got a release date of July 17, 2022, along with a new trailer, for its upcoming v0.1 version.

The trailer primarily shows off the enhanced lighting and weather of the mod. It shows soldiers running through nighttime, foggy, dusty, and bright daytime scenes. The second half of the trailer cuts between various shootouts, showing the way wood, concrete, and metal react to gun- and RPG-fire. The UI is also sparse, featuring a compass along the bottom of the screen, as well as a bullet counter in the bottom right corner.

Reality Mod seeks to provide a more realistic experience, with a stronger emphasis on team play, and the dev team promises a complete UI and gameplay overhaul to accomplish this. It will offer new maps, modes, and custom models, as well as 100-player battles, all within the game’s original Frostbite engine. Every map will also feature dynamic weather and 24-hour day/night cycles. The mod takes inspiration from the Project Reality Mod of Battlefield 2.

Keep in mind, this release date is for a 0.1 version of the game. We are still a long way from a full release. On the Reality Mod’s website, a roadmap shows detail of what will be available with this version. Version 0.1 will release with five modified maps from the original game, revised medic and spawn systems, as well as general changes to gunplay, vehicles, and UI.

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