Fall Guys Mobile Clone Is Topping App Store Charts With 163 Million Downloads

A Fall Guys clone is currently the number one free game on the Apple App Store, boasting impressive player numbers. This comes shortly after Fall Guys launched on Xbox and Nintendo Switch while also switching to a free-to-play model, which resulted in the game reaching 50 million players.

As reported by, Stumble Guys has earned its developer Kitka Games $21.5 million since launch and has been downloaded over 163 million times (via AppMagic). The game is available on iOS, Android, and Steam. Stumble Guys launched globally in January 2021, although it didn’t start gaining massive traction until late 2021. It has been boosted in recent weeks, seemingly due to the massive spike in popularity of Fall Guys, which is currently not available on mobile.

Stumble Guys works similarly to Fall Guys: 32 players compete in obstacle course based-levels, where only the top players qualify for the next level until only one person remains. The Stumble Guys trailer shows a variety of levels filled with spinning hammers and moving platforms, nearly identical to Fall Guys. Stumble Guys even uses the spinning slide show loading screen just like Fall Guys.

The largest single day of downloads for Stumble Guys occurred on June 25, 2022, when 1.5 million players downloaded it, a few days after the free-to-play launch of Fall Guys. Stumble Guys also generated $6.6 million in June 2022 alone.

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